(Retrospective): we had a lot going on in the autumn and now that spring is here we are coming out of hibernation. So to recap on what is now old news…..

Pop Goes the Pastoral – (a show by Sarah Lucas, Don Brown, Kate Boxer and Gary Hume) was incredibly well received and attended, with great coverage in local and national press. One visitor said “It’s like the Tate has come to Fram”.

In October we were awarded the Diaphoros Prize in the Georgian Group’s 2021 Architectural Awards, and soon after were delighted to receive a Quality of Place Award from East Suffolk Council. 

Our Open Day on 16th September was very reassuring and resulted in a flurry of supportive letters and emails being sent to East Suffolk Council in support of our planning application. Thank you to all who made the effort to find out what we are trying to do and then to write in support. The application is still live as we were asked to provide a noise report (now done and submitted) – so fingers crossed….